I have been building specialised ChatGPT bots for a few months using custom instructions and I am now excited to redesign them using the new GPTs feature.

I will update this page as I publish more.

Product Management

  • User Story Crafter: Start with a high-level idea or a detailed description of some functionality and use User Story Crafter to help transform those ideas into well-formatted user stories and acceptance criteria that can be easily exported to popular tools like Jira.

Personal Development

  • Life Pal Coach: Using detailed notes I have taken on my favourite coaching techniques such as GROW, Five-Whys, and open-ended questions, this GPT can role play as a life coach to help you with your personal and professional development.

Fun & Games

  • GeoSleuth: Your Expert Geoguesser – Leveraging a vast array of clues like language, architecture, traffic patterns, and even the angle of the sun, GeoSleuth takes a photo you upload into the chat and aims to confidently guess the location as accurately as possible.